The breakdown of a relationship can be a difficult time and you may be worried about what happens next. Perhaps decisions need to be taken about:-

  • Leaving or selling the house. You may be worried that you cannot find other accommodation or how you are going to afford to stay in your current house.
  • Money issues. You may be worried about debts or maintenance. You may have received documents from the CSA or from the Court and may need help in deciding what to do next.
  • There may even be the need for Court orders for interdicts if the relationship was abusive.

These are all worrying issues and we are here to help guide you through these difficult legal problems. Our team of solicitors are members of the Family Law Association and are experienced in all of these areas. We can offer advice and keep you fully informed as to all the options available to you to let you make an informed decision as to what is best for you and your family.