We have three practising solicitors within the office. All have extensive experience of appearing in local courts including Dumbarton, and Glasgow. All solicitors deal with all forms of litigation.

Partner: Mrs Alison C O’Neill LLB (HONS) DIP LP NP

Alison O'Neill


Qualified 1991

As an accredited specialist in family law, Alison O’Neill has extensive experience in family and divorce work including financial matters on separation, disputes over contact and residence of children. She is experienced in dealing with cohabitation claims on the termination of relationships and cohabitation and prenuptial agreements. She has extensive experience in dealing with clients who are fleeing from domestic abuse and who require protective orders from the courts. She has been appointed as a Child Welfare Reporter since 1998 and a Curator ad Litem.

Alison O’Neill frequently draws up Powers of Attorney, Wills and Guardianship orders in terms of the Adults with Incapacity Act. She is experienced in employment tribunals and with settlement agreements in termination of employment.


Partner: Jade Carthy LLB(Hons) DIP LP NP



Qualified: September 2012

Miss Carthy has a special interest in family and children’s matters and is an Accredited Specialist in Child Law. Miss Carthy has particular experience in the Children’s Hearing system. She has extensive experience in representing both children and parents in these proceedings.

Miss Carthy has experience with all matters arising from separation including residence and contact disputes, separation, divorce, cohabitation and financial matters relating to separation and divorce. Miss Carthy also deals with matters relating to Adults with Incapacity applications, including Wills and Powers of Attorney.

In addition, Miss Carthy is a Certified Specialist in Trauma Informed Practice. She has extensive experience with all interdict matters including domestic abuse issues, and assisting clients who are fleeing from abuse and require protective measures and is an approve solicitor via the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.

Miss Carthy is also accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a Specialist in Family Mediation, and works with clients in respect of issues relating to children and financial matters on separation. Miss Carthy is one of the first solicitors in Scotland to also be certified to carry out Child Inclusive Mediation. She has been appointed as a Curator ad Litem and reporting officer in respect of children and vulnerable adults by the West Dunbartonshire Council and is a Child Welfare Reporter for Dumbarton Sheriff Court. She has been appointed as a Safeguarder to the National Safeguarder’s Panel for Scotland by the Scottish Ministers. She is a member of the Family Law Association and is a member and convener of CALM Scotland.


Associate: Michael Sweeney MA LLB Dip LP NP


Qualified in 2009

Areas of work: Civil litigation including divorce, contact and residence, permanence orders, Adults with Incapacity, referrals to Children’s Hearings.

Criminal Defence, Mental Health Tribunals for patients and named persons.

Appointed as a Curator ad Litem to the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland (2019) and as a Safeguarder for children involved in Children’s Hearings and related Sheriff Court proceedings (2017).