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Welcome to AC O’Neill Solicitors

We are a small firm of court solicitors working in Dumbarton, Scotland. We can help you in the areas of family law, claims and employment law.

Child holding figure in shape of house, closeup. Adoption concept

Family Law

Our team of solicitors are members of the Family Law Association and are experienced in all of these areas.

We can provide legal guidance and support to you or your children on all of these problems with a view to resolving these issues as quickly and easily as possible.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We provide legal advice and representation in Court in all types of criminal cases. We represent clients at the Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, and High Courts.

You have the right to legal advice before police interviews and we can assist you in the critical early stages of your case.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid

We offer a full range of Legal Aid to pursue your case

We appreciate that it can be worrying to see a solicitor, particularly if you are unsure about how much it will cost you. During your initial meeting we can discuss […]